Raleigh's first
bar + dog park.

Dear Friends,

Bark is a concept that has taken a very long and winding journey from the start. Our concept blends the best of both worlds: an off-leash dog park and a bar serving local food and beverages. Our intention is to build a space that promotes healthy dog ownership and community interaction. We have faced various struggles in moving this concept forward especially since this is a concept that hasn’t been seen before in our community. It’s been a challenge not only to find a feasible location, but also to meet various city building codes and zoning requirements.

The Bark team has come to the understanding that this concept will need much more time and planning before it can be realized. While we are putting this concept on pause, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Our team has been hyped since day one and we’re still amazed at how many people have contacted us just to tell us how excited they are about the project. We believe this is a unique space that our community needs, and we’re going to continue to search for potential locations. In the meantime, we’ll be launching a new concept called Barbox, a mobile bar. It’s truly a distilled version of Bark’s mission which aims to create community by bringing people together in unique spaces. Learn more about Barbox here.

Our journey has connected us with awesome dogs and dog lovers who have identified Bark as a real need and have showered us in support along the way. We would like to open source the project and extend an invitation to anyone interested in helping make it a reality. If you’re interested, please reach out by shooting us an email at thebardogpark@gmail.com.


Bark Team